Get to know us! Meet Robin Unrau, President of Hunters for BC - Interior Chapter SCI in this Podcast with Focus Hunting.
    How did Hunters for BC start?
    "We were like a garage band.... Once you start talking with other hunters you realize how much we have in common; how angry we are at the state of the province, the fish and wildlife and the habitat that we have. Before long we started thinking….we can do this. We want to be a voice for hunters. Do hunters have a voice in BC? Yes but it’s very weak. "
    How and why did Hunters for BC become a Chapter of Safari Club International?
     ...we asked ourselves, "How can we benefit SCI – how can SCI benefit us? How can we blend them all together and still do the best we can for the province? Does our problems in BC need national and international attention? We answered yes every time."

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