Hunters for BC - SCI is pleased announce a new and exciting joint venture with Global Outreach and Technologies, (GOaT), BigHorn 3D Printers and the BC Guide Outfitters Association (BCGOA) and offer the worlds first three-dimension digital stone sheep hunt for northern BC.  This exciting and first of its kind hunt will be offered as an online raffle, with tickets being available until April 30th

The hunt is scheduled for fall 2021, but maybe delayed if the BC Covid Relief Team once again changes the rules and not allow hunters to move freely about the Province.

Exciting, to say the least” said Robin Unrau, President, Hunters for BC – SCIand to think one will now be able to go stone sheep hunting on the best sheep mountain, with our favorite outfitters and guides, all without leaving the comfort the base lodge.

No longer will everyone have to run marathons, sweat their butts off climbing hills and pack endless amounts of weight for months and months” Robin further explained.  “This hunt is designed for those who still wish to experience the thrill, but no longer have the ability or desire to climb mountains.”

“And by the time they get home, their trophy will have already been digitally transferred, 3D printed and mounted on a hardwood base of their choosing.  No longer any worries of export permits and bugs eating skins”, he added.

In explaining this new technology, GOaT President Justin Case explains that this new technology includes and links together via a proprietary computer program, live local weather, maps, and topography (latest satellite imagery), laser rifles, cameras and scopes, real life sheep movements via GPS and is displayed on a virtual surround screen with individual-experience helmets fitted for each hunter and guide.

As this is the first offering of its kind, it will be offered at the Lodge on Kechika, and the hunt will be limited to the great sheep country surrounding this luxury lodge located in the heart of BC’s northern Rocky Mountains. 

In announcing this new opportunity for BC’s guides and outfitters, Association Executive Director Rusty Bharl indicated that they have approached the BC Government and a requested that these types of hunts be quota exempt to make up for the loss of grizzly bears and previous quota reductions granted at the request of some of BC’s environmental organizations.  (No response to date.)

Harry Behr, BC Minister of Fish and Wildlife Resources, gave his complete support but did express some reservation as to the legality of one shooting a sheep from the comforts of a lodge, with no license or tags.  “We will be reviewing the validity of free hunts. Our government will work with all involved to ensure

Victoria receives its fair share of this business endeavor,” he stated.

Upon hearing this announcement, Imma Technie, BC Minister of Digital Technology expressed surprise and astonishment that something this technologically advanced could take place in a remote log home in BC’s wilderness, and without any government handouts. “Great news and good for them”, she stated “hard to believe that something this revolutionary can come from people that like to hunt.  She further added “Personally, I cannot wait until this is fully rolled out to include our predators as then there will be no more need for hunting them.

For further information on how you can participate and help BC regain the once great status of being the worlds best place to hunt, please click here.

The one caveat relating to this hunt concerns BC and COVID.  To date, Dr. Bonnie has expressed some reservation about the digital transfer of COVID and will be requiring all participants to show proof of COVID vaccinations.