March 8, 2021

To:  Honorable Minister Anne Kang, MLA Burnaby-Deer Lake


Thank you for responding to our Open Letter – Social Media Management of Wildlife in BC.

We at Hunters for BC – SCI also share a commitment to sound scientific principles when it comes to managing BC’s wildlife, and we certainly hope for your government to stick with following these important principles.

One of the purposes of our original letter was to raise awareness with all MLA’s that many of your Cabinet and Caucus colleagues do not share this same commitment to sound wildlife management principles.

Although the letter was written in response to comments made about predator management in general and more specifically management of wolves, it also referenced grizzly bear management.  Something that your form letter ignored.

As you are aware, your government implemented a ban on grizzly bear hunting for the entire province, without following these same principles. Since that ban, the number of bears shot by BC’s Conservation Officers has steadily risen, and all indications are that this will continue unabated.

We at Hunters for BC – SCI recognize that the best management strategy for parts of BC may not to have an open season and manage those grizzly bears for other purposes, such as increasing populations or bear viewing.  But, for most of BC, there are no shortages of grizzly bears, bear viewing is not a viable option and grizzly bears may be better managed using hunters. 

BC used to have regional or local “round tables” that consisted of local experts and stakeholders that discussed wildlife management options and from that, made decisions based on sound management principles and local needs.  Not so much anymore, as decisions that are now made in Victoria usurp those of the regions.

Given your interest in wildlife management, we ask two things of all MLA’s.

First, explain to your colleagues about the need to rescind the blanket prohibition on grizzly bear hunting, and second, remove the impediments that prohibit decisions about re-opening of this hunt by regional or local level statutory decision makers.

We would also suggest that all wildlife management decisions, including predator management be moved back to where they belong, at the local and regional levels. 

We thank you for your interest and if you wish for more information please contact us once again.  We would be more than willing to answer any questions you may have or be able to provide further information as to why we make these requests.

If you have the time, are genuinely interested, and wish to understand more about this important topic, please visit Hunter’s for BC – SCI website to view a webinar presentation hosted by Dr Valerius Geist, Professor Emeritus, lifelong researcher and expert on large mammals of North America while he discusses the importance of predator and prey management.  

Prey and predator abundance Dr. Valerius Geist (

Yours truly

Robin Unrau

President Hunters for BC - SCI

CC  BC MLA’s and media