Urgent Conservation Needed

As ungulate populations in BC continue to decline at an alarming rate we are obligated to demand changes.

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Urgent Wildlife Conservation Strategies & Funding are Needed in BC

Honorable John Horgan

PO Box 9041

Stn. Prov. Govt.

Victoria, BC  V8W 9E1

E-mail: premier@gov.bc.ca

Dear Honorable John Horgan,

My name is Robin Unrau.  I am writing you to represent the concerns of Hunters for BC.  We are a rapidly growing organization of hunters, trappers & outdoor enthusiasts.  Hunters for BC proudly supports conservation and is seeking improved forestry, habitat & wildlife strategies to help BC’s land, water and wildlife recover from years of unchecked mismanagement.  We are asking for immediate conservation management measures to be taken which will enable wildlife recovery in British Columbia.

As ungulate populations in BC continue to decline at an alarming rate including regions reaching critically low numbers, we are obligated to demand changes.  We have created a perfect environment for predators, including humans, and as a result we are seeing steady declines fast approaching unsustainable levels. 

We have close to 1 million kilometers of resource roads in BC.  This includes haul roads, spur roads, access trails and seismic lines.  There has been minimal regard for wildlife, watersheds, habitat and their restoration – taking from our resources but not giving enough back.  Is this good business? 

Hunting generates 400 million dollars to the BC economy annually which includes more than 2,000 jobs.  These are large returns for extremely small investments from the BC Government.

Let’s reinvest hunting dollars back into wildlife & habitat management.  We would ask to establish programs such as Forest Renewal BC where industries benefiting from extracting resources must also pay into a pot for the purpose of wildlife & habitat management. 

BC was once world renowned for its wildlife, wilderness, forests, lakes, rivers and streams.  Now BC is a global model for what not to do!  This is unacceptable and the large majority of British Columbians have absolutely no idea what has happened here. 

We acknowledge the current government is not solely responsible for the current crisis in our province as it has taken decades to reach this critical tipping point.  We are asking for action, not words, to put beautiful British Columbia on the road to recovery.

This is a plea to secure funding for our wildlife & habitat so that we can once again claim to be “Supernatural British Columbia”. 

Best Regards,

Robin Unrau,

Hunters for BC TEAM

cc            Andrew Wilkinson, MLA Liberal Party

               Dan Ashton, MLA