two fawns bc wildlife conservation2 effortsA United Voice

We fully understand as a single organization in British Columbia we will have little to no impact on changing wildlife management on a political scale.  Therefore, forming strategic partnerships via Memorandums of Understanding with like-minded organizations is a way to build numbers and sway politically driven agendas.  This is a top-priority for BC Interior SCI! 

GOAL: We wish to unite conservation organizations as one-voice in our province.

Working Together for Conservation

When it comes to conservation or research projects our goal is to get involved.  Whether that is physically with boots on the ground or contributing financially.  We are willing to take the lead or participate with other organizations.  We want to make sure that the majority of the funding we raise is reinvested back into the resource we all love dearly.

Reinvigorate the Urban Population

We understand that the majority of British Columbians live within major urban centers.  Furthermore, we also know that some urban families have been removed from the rural lifestyle for multiple generations.  Many have lost that critical connection to the wilderness way of life.  That rural lifestyle is the foundation that Canada was built on.  It is OUR responsibility as HUNTERS to educate and share that way-of-life to the urban population so they can enjoy the same passion we have for the hunter gatherer lifestyle.  Also, to debunk the anti-hunter rhetoric so that informed decisions can be made by urban populations that are formed on science versus emotion.  As we all know that emotional decisions do way more damage to our wildlife populations.  Science is KEY!


In order to make this process work, we need to hear from you!  Please sign-up for our Newsletter so that we may reach out to you as our partnerships develop. 

Please get involved and help British Columbia down the road to recovery and give a bright future for the next generations of BC Interior SCI hunters.